Labor problem has been the major concern for Planter Community and that is the reason KGF is working hard to promote Agriculture Mechanization.

Adopting Technology

KGF is striving hard to bring new technology to Indian Agriculture like Fertigation and other state-of-art Technologies for farming.


We are working towards promoting better agricultural practices which will lead to a Sustainable Plantation Ecosystem.

  • "... It was really wise meeting all of you at the Coffee Planter's Association here in Sakleshpura. I shall certainly put forward all your aspect to the concerned. Thanks again...

    Anil Kumble - Former Cricketer

  • "... KGF has always brought forward the solidarity amoung the Coffee growing Community of Western ghats to sound as one .."

    Srinath Indavara - Planter, Lalithadri Estate

  • "... KGF has always come to our help when ever we are struck with tough times like complete crop loss due to heavy rains and other time of great coffee price fall. ..."

    Puneeth - Planter, Aldur

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